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Through Language

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Certified Conference & Court Interpreting

(spoken language)

Do you need a certified and trusted interpreting partner?

Since 2015, we have been providing professional interpreting services to our clients, including: The Office of the Governor of Colorado, Flatiron Construction, and the Colorado Attorney General among others.

Specialized Translation, Proofreading and Editing

(written translation)

Do you need quick and efficient legal or business document translations?

Ensure your message sounds natural and native, by letting us handle your Spanish translation.

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Project Management & Consultancy

Are you looking for a team of interpreters?

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As a trusted interpreting consulting firm, we can organize interpreting equipment and teams of interpreters for assignments in the USA or Mexico.

We guarantee:

Professionalism. Integrity. Attentiveness. Accuracy. Discretion.
“I can help you get your message across by bridging the cultural gap between you and your clients, partners and the community you serve.”Anabel Cuadros – Owner of LANGUAGE ACCESS GROUP
“I was impressed with Anabel’s skills and her critical thinking towards our code of ethics and standards of profession. Her linguistic fluency, dedication and “can do” attitude have always left a mark on me. She has been a great asset to our interpreting team and we have always received positive feedback on her performance.” – Giovanna Carriero-Contreras, Founder, Cesco Linguistic Services.

Some of our high-profile clients include:

But that’s not all!

When working with the team at LANGUAGE ACCESS GROUP:

You work with a fully bicultural and bilingual translation partner

Anabel has grown up fully bilingual and continues to live a fully bicultural life, spending 6 months of the year in Mexico and the other 6 months in the USA. By understanding both the source and the target language’s culture, she has the ability to comprehend all the nuances and undertones of the language.

You work with someone who has an in-depth knowledge of business

Having worked in international finance for 15 years in over 10 countries prior to becoming a linguist, you can rest assured that Anabel has an insider’s understanding of the world of business.

You get someone to guide you on an international scale

Anabel’s international audit career allowed her to work in over ten countries spanning Latin America, Asia and Europe, which has given her a true appreciation of the Spanish, English and Portuguese languages spoken in different parts of the world.

“Anabel helped us conduct an anti-discrimination/harassment training for one of our clients whose employees were Spanish speaking. She was great! She allowed us to present the information seamlessly in two languages. By far, one of the best interpreters I’ve known. My client was very pleased.” – Lisa N. Nobles, Esq. Kelly & Walker LLC

We’re based in Denver and Puerto Vallarta!

You can hire us for professional translation and interpreting services anywhere in the US and Mexico

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